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Energia RK has Upgraded Communication Systems at Ekibastuz SDPP-1

The company’s specialists have replaced the customer’s telecommunications platform without stopping production processes. In just 16 weeks, all the preparatory and technical works have been performed, and the employees of Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz SDPP-1 have commenced works based on the modern OpenScape 4000 V10. The new PABX supports for IP telephony and dispatch, and will also allow the company to put unified communications (UC) into practice in the future.

Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz SDPP-1 Limited Liability Partnership is a thermal power plant with an installed capacity of 4,000 MW. The facility is located on the northern shore of Zhengeldy Lake, 16 km north of Ekibastuz city, Pavlodar region. The plant had been built as part of the USSR project to create the Ekibastuz Fuel and Power Complex, but even today it is the main enterprise that provides solid fuel power in Kazakhstan. As the largest power plant in Kazakhstan, Ekibastuz SDPP-1 is also among the largest coal-fired power plants in the world with a current available capacity of 3,500 MW. The performance capability of the facility is of strategic importance for the Republic of Kazakhstan, and therefore the management of Ekibastuz SDPP-1 arranges for the most efficient dispatch and continuously works to improve the production performance.


Since 1998, the HiCom 300 PBX has been being used as the main communication system at Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz SDPP-1. Despite the exceptional reliability of the platform, today its capabilities no longer meet the efficiency and safety requirements adopted in the fuel and power complex. Continuous 24/7 operation for 24 years has resulted in PBX electronic components and telephone sets to be worn out. To eliminate the communications downtime risks, the telephony system has needed to be replaced.

In addition, the customer experienced difficulties with the maintenance of the PBX, since the support for the software installed at the telephone exchange had already been discontinued by the manufacturer. Thermal power plant engineers could not integrate telephony with the local network due to the lack of the IP technology support. And given that it has been decided to implement a centralized dispatching system at Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz State District Power Plant #1 (SDPP-1), in order to comply with the laws concerning the compliance of communication systems with the the Kazakhstani Law Enforcement Support System, the enterprise have had to upgrade the entire communication system.

“We have had to choose the most optimal way to upgrade the communication system.


And already at the initial stage, the experts of    Energia RK turned out to have supported to the maximum, – as said by Alexander Vladimirovich Bay, deputy head of the workshop of Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz SDPP-1 LLP.


– Thanks to the integrator’s advanced examination, we’ve correctly addressed the challenge and received a platform with all the capabilities we need as soon as possible and without stopping any technological processes.”


The study and in-depth analysis of outdated systems through the cooperative efforts of the customer and the partner company Energia RK LLP has made it possible to determine the range of necessary upgrades. To select suitable solutions, the contractor arranged video conferences involving the Moscow representative office of ATOS Unify (partner of Energia RK LLP) and specialists from Ekibastuz SDPP-1. During the discussion of available configurations and capabilities of modern PBXs, we have gone for OpenScape 4000 V10.


The new PABX version is fully compatible with the previously installed Unify equipment. Thanks to this, it has become possible to upgrade the PBX without stopping production processes. All the project works have been performed by specialists of Energia RK LLP supported by and assisted by the employees of the customer company.


During the project, engineers of Energia RK LLP have replaced all the PBX components, tested communication channels, and also installed new telephone sets. Thus, the reliability and security of telephone communication at a strategically important facility for the Republic of Kazakhstan has been qualitatively upleveled.

Reliable Platform

The ATS HiCom 300 platform has been being used by Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz SDPP-1 LLP for 24 years, ensuring an exceptional reliability. That is why the customer has chosen a fully compatible OpenScape 4000 V10 PABX from the same manufacturer (ATOS Unify) to upgrade and change over to digital technologies.


The new version of OpenScape 4000 V10 PABX has enabled the switching to IP digital communication technologies, almost unlimited further extension of the subscriber and channel part of the PBX. The updated platform allows integration with various communication systems (radio stations, loudspeaker communication, Microsoft Teams, public address systems), and the purchased licenses include the option of upgrading the PBX during the first three years of operation at no extra cost to the customer.


Already now, the new platform allows the customer to use a wider range of subscriber devices (including IP Dect cordless phones), and also enables to put UC into practice in the future to improve staff efficiency.


“Upgrading of outdated telephony systems is a typical task for many enterprises and organizations                              operating within the Republic of Kazakhstan. – as noted by Maksat Berikovich Umarbekov,              CEO of Energia RK LLP. – At the same time, the use of modern platforms from ATOS Unify allows us not only to address the current technical challenges of the customer, but also to create a new telecommunications platform with great potential for further growth.”


1. The OpenScape 4000 V10 platform has allowed Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz SDPP-1 LLP to provide effective communication based on modern digital technologies for technical and managerial employees. The customer has received ample opportunities to expand the subscriber base, as well as enhance the quality of communications.

2. Based on the new PBX, the workflow of dispatchers has been streamlined. The use of OpenScape Xpert enables streamlining a rapid response and automatic registration of requests, and dispatchers have been able to start addressing almost any challenges in production.

3. In addition to this, the upgraded telephone exchange has ensured the transition from using traditional E1 streams for voice calls to SIP-trunk and helped reduce the communication services costs to Bulat Nurzhanov Ekibastuz SDPP-1 LLP. The option of self-contained operation in case of a power failure has significantly upleveled the facility security by ensuring communications to be available in case of emergency.

4. The new PABX does not require a major change in processes, but creates the necessary basis to digitalize further production. That is why, after the project have been completed, the new functionality is further adapted, IP-based workstations are deployed and the introduction of unified communications (UC) are being prepared.

5. Upon completion of the project, Energia RK LLP has conducted five-day trainings for Ekibastuz SDPP-1 specialists on maintaining and configuring the OpenScape 4000 V10 PBX, and also keeps on providing expert consulting support for operating the new telecommunications system.

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