Unify products – "Энергия РК"

Hybrid unified voice communication system (TDM and IP-PBX) with flexible licensing. Scalability of 200 to 12,000 users in one system. 

Hybrid TDM/IP-PBX with large feature set for different communication generations 


System scalability of up to 12,000 users 



Support for own SIP subscribers 


Operator class reliability (99,999) 


300 to 100,000 users on one platform 



Integrated security solutions 


Two-node Active-Standby architecture for saving calls during reconnection 


Flexible licensing and deployment options 



Ability to manage a host using OpenScape 4000 Eco Server or VMware° technology.

Group 331

One set of functions on any device: voice and conference calls, mail, chats, faxes and much more. Integration with any team collaboration software

The ability to use classic telephony, IP and DECT at the same time 


Integration of components responsible for VoIP and data transmission into the processor module 



Broadband audio technology – AudioPresenceTM HD for high definition 


Support of communications for the number of employees of 50 to 1500 people 


Unified communications: chat, voice communication, video and contact center, voice mail, fax, collaboration tools. 



Multimedia contact center to ensure effective customer service 



Availability of different interfaces for integration with different business applications 


The ability to use the solution at one or more of your networked sites 



Presence management: automatic notification of subscriber status 


Compact and intuitive operation of all phone models 


Convenience of organizing conferences 

Telephony based on SIP protocol. Protection of voice communications using the SRTP protocol. Connection of up to 6,000 branches.

Scalability of up to 100,000 subscribers per platform 


Through encryption and VPN for secure communication 


Connection of up to 6,000 branches 


Operator class reliability (99,999) 


Preparedness for data processing center: Virtualization and vApps for IT environments 


Open standards, main protocol – SIP 


Different deployment options: frequent, hybrid, public cloud 


Integrated media server 


Support for PSTN connection with OpenScape Branch 500i 


Duplicate cluster 


Integrated security solutions 


Session management based on SIP protocol

Group 331

High speed communication for urgent calls. Solution for organizations with high demands on speed and quality of calls (emergency services, railway transport, etc.).

Duplicate LAN ports and 6 USB ports for reliable communication 


Multi-language support 


12,000 programmable keys that can be configured for each operator 



24 channels of simultaneous listening 


2 active network cards, convection cooling 



System Manager management system to ensure the security of each interface 


OpenStage Xpert 6010p control panel with support for over 600 lines and WIndows 7 compatibility 



Distributed NDSA server architecture for improved fault tolerance 


Support for VMware virtualization for additional redundancy of server components 


Radio and IPTV integration 


Personal channel retention 


Support for 3 types of communication: IP, analogue, trunking 


High definition sound with AudioPresenceTM HD wideband audio technology 


Work based on modern open SIP protocols 



Fast and convenient organization of conferences 


A variety of interfaces for integration with various business applications 


OpenScape Xpert integration with radio communications equipment

Group 331

First-class sound quality with AudioPresenceTM HD technology.  Integration with Bluetooth, NFC and Circuit turns the phone into a communication center.

High definition sound with AudioPresenceTM HD wideband audio technology 


Interaction with other devices via Bluetooth 



NFC technology and integration with Circuit makes phones a high-performance communications center 


All phones have received the Blue Angel Environmental Award for products and services 


Compact and intuitive control of all OpenScape phones. 


Clear graphics and intuitive interface with good readability 


High performance and many different functions 



Echo and noise reduction with AudioPresenceTM HD technology

Group 331

Organization of a web conference on any device.     Easily switch between chat, online conference and video meetings. Easy integration with any application

Scalability of up to 1,000 participants per conference 


Support for integration with any application via XMLRPC and other services 


Possibility of integration with existing IT structure 



Ability to combine conference with a computer, tablet or smartphone 


Included click-toconference integration plug-ins for Microsoft and IBM groupware clients 



Flexible and intuitive user interface 



Planning a voice and web conference in 1 stage

Group 331

Collaboration in real time, including with remote employees. Instant information exchange and flexible management of all types of communication.

Operative search for employee’s contact, presence status and line occupancy 


Flexible and intuitive interface 


Single number service for all user devices with the ability to add new devices and device lists. 



Managing the distribution of incoming calls based on time, selected device and presence status 



Flexible planning, creation and management of audio conferences 


Planning and initiating an audio and web conference from any device

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